What Does it Mean to Give Back?

In 2009, Jill Schwarzkopf had a dream. Feeling called to help the children who struggle through life at no fault of their own, she started working on Sleep Tight Kids. It is no easy task to run a non-profit, asking for donation, volunteers, acceptance, and faith. But here we are, 14 years later and Sleep Tight Kids delivers almost 2700 comfort bags a year, to children in desperate situations. Jill’s vision has turned into answered prayers for many, many kids, and their caregivers.

Over the years, hundreds of volunteers have hosted fundraisers, stuffed comfort bags, and delivered bags to the local DSS, Sheriff’s Departments, Fire Stations, Homeless Shelters, Crisis Centers and more. These volunteers share their time with Sleep Tight Kids because they also feel called to give back to the community. These volunteers see how critical it is to be at service to children who have few possessions and even less support at home. Our thoughts, if we can give them a little comfort along their journey, maybe they will be more resilient, less anxious and feel the love that goes into creating these bags for each of them. Some of our volunteers have seen the reality of traumas that many of the recipients have been through. Because our hearts go out to the children for the hardships, tears and fears they have endured, we are striving to ease their pain, even if a small amount. Compassionate and heart centered people are the core of what make Sleep Tight Kids thrive in our community.

To spend a few hours a month in service to others can fill your soul. To know that the children will appreciate the small comforts from your minimal efforts, is heartwarming. To know that you are also being a small part of the resiliency that keeps struggling kids moving in the right direction is life changing for you and the children.

So how can you become a part of this heart centered organization? It is so simple. Just go to sleeptightkids.org and click on the Volunteer link, choose the events and services that light you up, show up, and share Sleep Tight Kids with everyone you know.

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