Shop Local for a Cause: Hazel Twenty in downtown Asheville, NC

Amidst the chaos of the corona virus, ashevillians got out of the house, hand sanitizer at the ready, and supported local businesses. Below, Maisie of Maisie Twenty (an adorable kids boutique downstairs from Hazel Twenty) serves as the mascot for the store and watches people as they pass by. I imagine she’s a big help in getting people to want to walk in this door. photos by Sarah Whitmeyer Photography

I know things are a little crazy right now and it’s hard to know what to do, but supporting our neighbors/local business owners in the community is oh so important. We thank Lexi Diyeso, owner of Hazel Twenty and Maisie Twenty, for donating a portion of her sales to the children of western NC for our Shop For a Cause event yesterday. AB Publow Designs (image below) was also there, selling jewelry and donating a portion of her profits to Sleep Tight Kids.

If you’re sick, by all means, stay at home. But if you’re feeling well and you want to get out and help the community, put some money into your local businesses directly by shopping for a cause. Just bring your hand sanitizer! Maisie will be here to greet you!
Maisie of Maisie Twenty

Sick and don’t want to leave the house? You can shop online and support this local business at

Again, Sleep Tight Kids thanks Lexi Diyeso, owner of Hazel Twenty and Maisie Twenty, for donating a portion of proceeds to help the children of Western North Carolina feel safe and loved.

If you own a local business and you’d like to host a similar event,

email or

Check out other ways to donate or volunteer or help our cause

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