98% of our donations go directly to the kids as we are a 100% VOLUNTEER based organization

Three year old Will and his mother fled to the women's shelter with no items to call their own. Will was understandably confused and emotionally distraught. When he was able to hold and keep a comforting stuffed animal from Sleep Tight Kids, his new "wubby", he found security and love where before, there was trauma and fear. Sleep Tight Kids hopes to foster resilience and hope in all of the lives we touch.

Women's shelters are full of brave women and their children who often arrive having left all they have to call their own behind. When Patricia and Jessica arrive, they are provided with brand new pajamas, toothbrushes and a blanket, the first personal items of the foundation of hope in their new lives. These are not just 'things', they are items given that communicate that there are people they don't even know who care for and support them, who respect the decision to start again. 

In the heart of Madison County, DSS has a very big job. They have to seize children in the middle of the night, from meth houses and cannot take any material items from the home because a criminal investigation always follows. There are often traces of meth found in the blankets and stuffed animals of the children.Sleep Tight Kids provides immediate comfort by arming the sheriff’s department as well as DSS workers with items that facilitate relief and comfort for these young children during a sensitive time.

We help organizations such as Eblen Charity, Eliada Homes, Asheville Battered Women's Shelter, Western Carolina Rescue Missions, ABCCM, Steadfast House, DSS of Madison, Yancy, Henderson, Transylvania, Jackson, Buncombe, McDowell Counties, Haywood County, Iredell County DSS  and Caring for Children, Catholic Social Services, Boys and Girls Club


Sleep Tight Kids donates newly purchased bedtime-related items for children, including clothing, blankets, stuffed animals, dental care kits, and books, either directly to needy families or through partnerships with other non-profit organizations supporting needy families, with a focus on families in Western North Carolina. The goal of the 501c3 non-profit is to promote feelings of hope and comfort in children as they lay their heads to rest each night. ALL donations are 100% tax deductible. 

Donating bedtime comfort items to children in need. 
Because every child deserves sweet dreams.

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In our family, bedtime is a ritual. It's a time to laugh, relax, and snuggle. Ironically, my idea for "Sleep Tight Kids" came to me in a dream. 

 I want to help needy children in our community to be comforted and to feel some sense of caring as they go to sleep each night.

The children we serve have nothing but a diaper or shorts when being pulled from these horrible circumstances. 

They need to know that someone else cares for their safety and comfort.

The smiles on the faces of children who have never had anything new in their lives make our deliveries beyond worth it. This is love. 

Come Dream With Us

Only  newly purchased items and monetary donations can be accepted. All contributions are 100% tax deductible.

If interested, you can donate monetarily or provide donations. All donations are greatly appreciated! 

 Some donation suggestions are:

Interested in donating to our cause?


• Stuffed animals or teddy bears  
 • Sheets 
 • Blankets  
 •  P.J.'s  
 •  Toothbrushes/Toothpaste  
 •  Books  
 •  Pillows  
 •  Nightlights

The Cycle of Hope







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Donate your time and talents for the kids at our quarterly meetings. 

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Thank you for connecting with us. I appreciate your interest in Sleep Tight Kids, providing sweet dreams and hope to our local children in need. 

- Jill Schwarzkopf, Founder of Sleep Tight Kids

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